Wednesday, July 26, 2006

one headlight...

we were on i-5 yesterday when I had to jam on the brakes because there was an accident. we sat in the heat moving slowly toward exit 134 (i needed to take portland avenue anyway) when we noticed the cops, fire department and EMT responding. creeping along we finally took the congested exit and noticed a bus, dump truck and a car collision. the car was upside down in the ditch and the medics were shuttling a body to the transport. it wasn't moving. the hood and roof of the car were crushed in like at a junkyard. i waited for the ambulance to take off screaming toward the nearest hospital but it just sat there.

i've been waxing poetical and philosophical in my head all night until i came to the conclusion that i usually come to: at this point in our evolution, life seems to be a constant process of releasing each moment...until there are no more moments to let go.

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