Monday, July 24, 2006


Roy Rogers is riding through the Wild West on his trusty horse, Trigger, When he happens upon a group of Apache Indians.Not the best pleased at having trespassers in the territory, The Indians capture Roy and bury him up to his chin in the sand.

Before leaving him to die in the scorching heat, the Indians decide to grant him one last wish. "Could I say a parting farewell to my trusty steed?" comes the request.

The Indians seem to understand, and agree, so Roy beckons Trigger to come closer, and then whispers in his Ear. The horse bolts off at once in the direction of the nearest town. Half an hour later, the horse returns with a gorgeous, scantily clad prostitute on its back.

The prostitute jumps down from the horse and gently removes the small, frilly knickers she's wearing. Sitting astride Roy Rogers' face, she then proceeds to give him firsts, seconds and thirds of her fanny, almost suffocating him in the process.

Well, the Indians think this is magic and decide that he clearly deserves another wish. So Roy

Beckons his horse again and whispers in his ear. "I said fetch a posse, you stupid git!"

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